As the new school year approaches teachers, parents and students want the confidence that they’re facility is safe and secure to learn and develop. Sanitization of washrooms, lunchrooms, and common areas must be addressed to ensure a healthy environment. Prior to the school year start it is important that a deep clean is implemented focussing on classroom furniture, shelves, light switches, door knobs, locker stalls and other high touch surfaces.

Cleaning Your Educational Facility

Educational facilities are high-traffic environments. Cleaning schools and daycares are crucial in guaranteeing a safe, healthy and productive learning space for children. Premium Maintenance Services Ltd. is a team dedicated to providing you with commercial cleaning services for daycares, elementary and high schools, colleges as well as universities. Our attention to detail and strong work ethic is the most effective and efficient route for cleaning your educational facility.


Deep Cleaning and Sanitization

Daycares are spaces where very young children spend the majority of their time during the week. As a professional commercial cleaning company, it is our concern and our job to keep our children of the future safe. Deep cleaning and sanitization are a part of our routine to ensure that your daycare is ready to go every day, for children to enjoy the environment they learn in whilst staying safe. A clean environment further builds the confidence within parents to place their trust in you to take care of their children to the highest degree.

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Daily, weekly, monthly and annual commercial cleaning packages are available, that can be catered to your needs. Schools are more prone to passing around germs and viruses. Our consistent commercial cleaning methods and the professionals that are put on the jobs, wipe down and sanitize all surfaces to control the spread of any illnesses from passing around. We want to disband the idea that schools are the breeding hub for germs and put a positive image on how our commercial cleaning company can allow children to enjoy without parents being worried. Our extensive experience has us ready to clean any size of school thoroughly- to always ensure a fresh start to your day.

A clean learning environment promotes a productive learning experience for your students. Our daycare and commercial cleaning services provides a welcoming atmosphere for students to engage in learning activities every day.

College and university spaces are much larger; however, at Premium Maintenance Services Ltd. no space is too large for us to clean. Our trained professionals are more than capable and knowledgeable in effectively cleaning learning environments.

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What Does a Daycare and School Commercial Cleaning Service Include?

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  • Sweeping, vacuuming, mopping floors and carpets
  • Cleaning and wiping of high-traffic areas
  • Cleaning and sanitization of classrooms, corridors, administration offices, entryways, auditoriums and large halls
  • Disinfecting of bathrooms, door handles, switches and common touchpoints
  • Disinfecting and sanitizing toys, desks, tools, benches, cafeteria spaces with a non-toxic disinfectant

Why Is Choosing Premium Maintenance Services Ltd. the Best Option For Your Daycare and School?

We understand how important it is to have a clean, healthy, germ-free, professional-looking school and daycare. Along with education, a safe and well-cleaned environment reiterates the importance of the children’s health and safety to the parents. Our commercial cleaning services are conducted by professionals who know what to clean and how each task should be conducted. They understand how to target areas in a child care environments to prevent the spread of viruses.

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Additional Commercial Cleaning Services

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