In these uncertain times medical facilities and clinics are on the frontlines of fighting COVID-19. Proper cleaning and disinfecting are vital to reduce risk to patients and employees. Colour coated cloths, hospital grade disinfectatnts and high touch surface cleaning must be implemented to restrict the spread of germs and toxins in the workplace. Premium Maintenance designs these customized programs that explains how the organization will achieve its quality objectives.

Please see section on COVID -19 Clorox 360 disinfection system/vital oxcide

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When you want to leave a lasting impression for your patients and staff. Premium Maintenance Services has you covered from your patient waiting areas, massage clinics sterile and exam rooms. We maintain the cleanliness of your building with modern practices, medical grade solutions and disinfecting techniques. We service medical centers, dental offices, chiropractic clinics and medical schools.

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COVID -19 Disinfecting Systems

Premium Maintenance Services Ltd. is consistently working with customers to improve the cleanliness of they’re facilities. There is no greater concern in this day and age then the spread of COVID-19. We are continually educating our staff and customers on how to reduce the spread of this virus and many other harmful bacterias in the workplace. Sanitizing and disinfecting with the Clorox® Total 360® Electrostatic Sprayer and other atomizers is an exceptional process to combat infection and disease. We use a number of hospital grade disinfectants to sterilize and kill viruses on high touch surface & contact points. Other preventive measures to help secure your staff are with our wide variety of Personal Protective Equipment such as masks, sanitizers, surface disinfectants, gloves & wipes.
See our list of PPE’s in our “Supplies” section.

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Here are some of the tools and solutions used to combat germs & viruses in your facility.
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Covid-19 Protocols