Keeping a restaurant clean can be challenging due to the amount of movement that takes place and the nature of handling food. If you run a restaurant, you know just how important it is for you to keep your restaurant clean. Not only is this necessary for the health and safety of your customers and staff, it’s in keeping with health codes and making sure you eliminate germs and bacteria and prevent pests from making your restaurant their home.

They are various areas in your restaurant that must remain clean throughout the day like the dining area, kitchen and washrooms. We offer outstanding restaurant cleaning services in Toronto to ensure that your floors and surfaces are free of dirt, food spills and debris. With our full steam cleaning and disinfection techniques, we ensure that your restaurant is looking its best.

Reliable Restaurant Cleaning Services in Toronto

Reliable Restaurant Cleaning Services in Toronto

Anytime you’re dealing with food, it’s important to take the necessary measures to avoid contamination and the spread of bacteria. That’s why keeping your restaurant clean is our top priority. From the kitchen, to the dining area and the washrooms, we take care of all your cleaning needs so you can focus on creating delicious food.

We take pride in providing efficient and reliable restaurant cleaning services in Toronto. We work closely with our clients to ensure we create a cleaning schedule that works well for you and your restaurant. Our goal is to work around your schedule and get the job done well without causing disruption to your workflow.

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To achieve this, we offer flexible hours and are available to provide specialized cleaning services after business hours.

We are experienced in cleaning restaurants, offices, banks and other commercial properties. Our staff is highly trained and adheres to the highest cleaning standards in compliance with food health regulations.

Our Services Include

Kitchen Cleaning – one of the most effective ways to clean out your kitchen is using steam. Not only is it effective, it is also environmentally friendly and ensures that all the buildup from dirt, grease and food is broken down and removed from any surfaces. The process involves using heated water and does not utilize chemicals, making it a great choice for areas that are delicate and equipment that requires specialized care.

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Our staff is familiar with the guidelines established for maintaining hygiene and cleanliness in restaurants. We utilize the most effective tools on the market for commercial kitchen cleaning to ensure that we get the job done right and leave your kitchen in pristine order.

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Restroom Cleaning – many people assess the cleanliness of a restaurant’s restrooms to determine how they feel about the restaurant. A restroom that is not maintained gives off a bad impression and makes guests wonder about the overall cleanliness of the restaurant. When you hire us for your restroom cleaning, you can be sure that we will disinfect surfaces and keep your restrooms clean as customers use them.

Floor Care Services – the floor is one of the first things customers notice when they walk into your restaurant. If there are spills or food stains on the floor, they will notice this right away. An unclean floor not only affects their impression of your restaurant, it can be a safety hazard.


Keeping the floor clean requires specialized equipment. Premium Maintenance Services is well equipped to keep your floors shining and looking their best. Our floor services include floor waxing, which keeps your floors looking clean and polished, and steaming rugs and carpets.

What Makes Us Stand Out?

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We take pride in offering exceptional restaurant cleaning services to our valued customers across the Greater Toronto Area. By paying close attention to detail and making your needs our priority, we guarantee exceptional restaurant cleaning services you can count on.

When hiring a restaurant cleaning company, you want to make sure that you are working with a team that understands the importance of cleanliness in your restaurant. At Premium Maintenance Services, we have a track record of consistency, giving you the confidence to know that your restaurant will be cleaned to the best of our ability each and every time.

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We know how demanding running a restaurant is, that’s why we are committed to handling all your cleaning needs so you don’t have to. And to top it all off, our restaurant cleaning services are affordable so you can get quality restaurant cleaning without breaking the bank.

Call us today to learn more about our restaurant cleaning service in Toronto! We’re standing by to take your call.

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