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When it comes to carpets it is very easy to assume that a carpet is clean just because it looks clean. Carpets in a household or office environment can undergo a lot of wear and tear; they can get ruined with traffic lanes, stains, discoloring and the damage from trapped pollutants like dirt, dust and different scents that have accumulated over time. This is where getting a professional cleaner comes to place, regularly vacuuming your carpet will not be able to get the job done anymore so your carpets need to be professionally cleaned to keep them looking new and smelling fresh. The following below are the 4 ways to tell if you carpets needs to be professionally cleaned:

Carpet Cleaning

1)     If they are more than 3 years old – The older the carpet the more particles of dirt and dust it collects. Vacuuming your carpets can only get you so far, therefore if you have had your carpets for more than 3 years without getting it professionally cleaned, NOW is the time. Professionally cleaning your carpets will help get rid of the dirt and residue that that has accumulated over the years deep in between the tufts of the carpet.

2)     If you’re having allergy problems – one of the biggest signs that your carpets is collecting and building up particles is ALLERGIES. The nonstop sneezing, coughing, and burning eyes caused from the dust and bacteria buildup can lead to other serious issues like asthma, sinus infection, eczema and more.

allergy problem

3)     If it has a lingering smell – If your carpets aren’t regularly cleaned, odors could occur and once your carpet starts emitting unpleasant odors, it is time for it to be professionally cleaned. There are various reasons as to why it could be be oozing of such odors and they include: dampness from spills or floods, mold, high humidity and even faulty HVAC systems. 

dull carpet

4)    If they are worn or dull – when you notice your carpet begin to look dull or worn out the first thing that might pop into your mind would be to replace them with brand new carpets, but the actual solution might actually be to get your carpet professionally cleaned. Carpets usually appear worn out or dull because it has been continuously walked over and accumulated dust and dirt over time – it can also change the color of the carpet and make it look flat/less fluffy. Professional carpet cleaning help restore the color of your carpets, making it look less worn out and more like new. 

A professional carpet cleaning service will not only help improve the appearance of your facility/ home, it will also help keep your environment more hygienic and remove all things that could cause allergies or bacteria to develop. At Premium Maintenance Services Ltd. We can get rid of the stains and smells and bring new life to your carpeted areas. 

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