Commercial Cleaning Services

In light of COVID-19, all medical buildings must operate in safe conditions. To do this, they must hire professional cleaning companies. Our commercial cleaning services provide thorough and complete disinfection of your medical building.

Around-the-clock disinfection is required for a medical building where patients are more susceptible to airborne illnesses and viruses. The safety of your staff and patients is paramount, and Premium Maintenance provides professional, hospital-grade cleaning and disinfecting services to ensure a spotless, healthy and hygienic environment for your staff, patients, and their family.

Hospital-Grade Cleaning and Disinfecting

Professional deep commercial cleaning services in medical buildings can help to keep your facility hygienic. The presence of germs and bacteria is the last thing a patient or visitor needs while recovering from surgery or undergoing treatment. Additionally, a clean medical facility will reduce the risk of contagious illnesses. Health care facilities should be cleaned daily. This way, they can improve the overall patient experience while ensuring that the facility is as clean as possible.

Deep commercial cleaning service in medical buildings is an excellent way to improve air quality to prevent a healthcare-associated infection (HAI) for any patient. Currently, one in every 25 hospital patients will develop an infection. Therefore, ensuring that the air in the medical facility is free from bacteria, viruses, and allergens is a critical step in preventing these infections. In addition to ensuring a healthy working environment, medical facilities that hire deep commercial cleaning services are also helping to increase the facility’s public ratings.

Hospital-Grade Commercial Cleaning

The rise of healthcare and the shift to quality services to prevent disease and infection has caused a drastic change within the cleaning industry. With this shift comes greater expectations for quality cleaning services, and this trend forces professional cleaning service providers to become more thorough and productive. Our team is highly trained in our hospital-grade commercial cleaning principles to ensure a clean, safe and healthy facility for each patient, family member and healthcare worker.

Safety & Sanitization

Keeping medical buildings clean is essential to maintaining the health of the patients, employees, and visitors. To ensure compliance with industry standards and prevent the spread of disease, it is crucial to hire a professional cleaning company that understands the nuances of medical cleaning. Healthcare facilities often need specific services, such as decontamination and sanitization. Additionally, medical facilities can contain treatment rooms, office spaces, or even living areas. Our deep commercial cleaning services in medical buildings follow strict industry regulations, and ensures each of our staff is well-trained on all principles before deploying to your site.

In addition to meeting the strict safety standards required by provincial and federal government, medical facilities must present a clean, attractive environment. The cleaning process serves two critical functions: surface cleanliness and infection prevention. These two requirements must be conducted under proper cleaning protocols because improper deep commercial cleaning can adversely affect patient safety and public perception. Our commercial cleaning services help to reduce the spread of disease by eliminating germs and reducing the risk of infection.

Unlike most offices, medical buildings require deeper cleaning and disinfection services to maintain sanitation standards. These services go beyond general housekeeping or dusting. They include disinfecting surfaces, including exam tables, countertops, sinks, and fixtures. Medical buildings also have a high volume of waste, so a deep cleaning crew is crucial to keep the office sanitary. In addition, a deep cleaning company will have staff trained in the field who can handle the cleaning.

Disinfecting Products We Use

1.    Vital Oxide:

  • Kills 99.9% of the virus that causes covid-19 on hard, non-porous surfaces in 5 minutes
    • Bleach-free
    • Remove mould and mildew
    • No harmful by-products, no damage to fabric or surfaces

2.    Enviro Care Neutral Disinfectant

  • Disinfects & deodorizes hard, non-porous surfaces
    • Phosphate-free
    • Neutral pH
    • Effective against HIV-1, CA-MRSA, Influenza A, VRE and other gram-negative and gram-positive pathogens

3.    Decon 30

  • Kills over 99.99% of bacteria in 30 seconds
    • No synthetic fragrances, dyes or bleach
    • Effective against Staphylococcus aureus (Staph), Salmonella enterica, Pseudomonas aeruginosa & Escherichia coli (E-coli), Rhinovirus (the common cold virus) and Influenza A n hard, non-porous, inanimate surfaces.

4.    Concrobium Broad Spectrum Disinfectant

  • DIN-registered bactericide, virucide, and tuberculocide
    • Botanically-derived formula
    • No ammonias, chlorines or glutaraldehydes
    • No harsh or lingering fumes

Increasing attention to sanitation is essential in medical buildings, as there are many health issues associated with contamination. Deep cleaning is vital to protect employees, patients, and other visitors from dangerous germs.

The COVID-19 epidemic recently showed that even asymptomatic people could spread contagious illnesses. This is why professional commercial cleaning services should employ proper tools and protocols to remove bacteria and viruses from medical facilities. CDC guidelines should be followed when hiring a deep commercial cleaning company to perform medical facility sanitation.

15 Years of Commercial Cleaning Expertise

With 15 years of experience in the field, Premium Maintenance can get the job done right. Contact our team at 416-357-0444 for a free consultation if you require hospital-grade cleaning and sanitation services.

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