The fact that an industrial ultrasonic cleaner cleans industrial products can make you think that it must be a huge machine. However, the truth is the opposite. Cleaning solution capacity or the size of your industrial parts washer is determined by the size of the parts you are cleaning. The models can be purchased as benchtop or floor-mounted units based on your personal or commercial requirements. 

The duration of your cleaning cycles is also an extremely crucial consideration. To extend the life of your unit, it needs to have a heavy-duty tank to withstand long-term cleaning cycles, i.e. operating continuously during a work shift.

A complete ultrasonic cleaning system can be purchased, or, if needed, portions can be purchased to replace worn-out components or build a system from scratch. There are many components that make up any ultrasonic cleaning machine, including ultrasonic cleaning tanks, agitators, transducers, pumps, wheels, and cabinets.

Things To Consider When Purchasing Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner

Industrial ultrasonic cleaners come in many sizes, shapes and features. We have compiled a list of important points one must consider when choosing an industrial ultrasonic cleaner.

  • It is recommended that you purchase an ultrasonic cleaner that allows you to immerse large parts of the machine in cleaning solutions. 
  • If you need an ultrasonic cleaner that meets your needs, you should check its working depth. 
  • In cleaning solutions, the working depth corresponds to the distance between the bottom of the basket or bottom rack and the surface of the solution.  
  • Remember that baskets are slightly smaller than tank internal dimensions if you’re using them to hold your parts. Vendors can provide this information to help you make the right investment. 

Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner Features  

  1. Setting the temperature of the cleaning solution to the level recommended by the manufacturer is easy with temperature controls.
  2. Timers determine how long the cleaning cycle will last. Cavitation may be activated when a selected temperature is reached. Units that run on this principle are designed to shut down automatically at the end of the cycle.
  3. It is also possible to allow the equipment to operate for a period of time without a load to remove trapped air in fresh cleaning solutions.    
  4. Sweep is a feature that allows for a slight fluctuation in the ultrasonic frequency, thereby preventing “hot spots,” cavitation action, and dead zones.  
  5. When using a pulse mode, the ultrasonic power is increased by 20 percent, removing stubborn contamination. 
  6. Even though higher ultrasonic power is usually associated with faster and more effective cleaning, this is not always true. This is because too much power can damage delicate items.

In addition, cost-benefit analyses should be conducted before investing in equipment. When cleaning industrial parts, saving time to achieve desired results is a key consideration. If you’re purchasing ultrasonic cleaning equipment, consider the add-on accessories available to make the process more efficient.

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