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A hygienic, organized work area is crucial for maximizing productivity, well-being and creating positive first impressions. However, offices require diligent cleaning to prevent clutter and germ buildup. This comprehensive cleaning checklist ensures all work areas across an organization adhere to high standards of sanitation and cleanliness. 

Stock Cleaning Supplies

Make sure you keep a closet fully stocked with office cleaning supplies. Dedicate a closet to cleaning supplies and include wipes, paper towels, mops, brooms, sprays and anything else your office might need. Hiring office cleaning services is ideal but you will need products in between their visits to maintain a clean space. 

Educate Employees

Make sure your employees are aware of the basics. Place signs around the office to remind employees about tips and tricks. Signs can include “please wipe your area clear of crumbs and spills after lunch” or “please complete a quick dusting of your desk at the end of each day”. This will help your employees remember the basics and these small chores will turn into habits. 

Organization is Key

Organization is often the key to success and when an office is clean and tidy, you can think better and more clearly because you are not surrounded by clutter. Make sure every item is in the right spot and take a moment every few days to clean your desk and surroundings to prevent messes.

Office Cleaning

Prioritize Electronics

Keyboards, phones and other devices collect dust and grime rapidly. Equip employees with electronic disinfecting wipes so screens and touch surfaces stay hygienic. Dirty electronics spread bacteria and viruses throughout open floor plans.

Empty Trash Daily

Make sure the trash and fridge are emptied out regularly. Office fridges are known to have stale or old food and this is a problem because it can lead to pests and bad odours. The fridge must be checked regularly and the floor area must be cleaned frequently to eliminate crumbs. All old and stale food must be placed in the trash and you should make a schedule for a weekly refrigeration cleaning and trash removal. 

Break Room Best Practices

Messy kitchens negatively impact office morale. Establish break room guidelines like wiping down tables after eating, doing dishes promptly, and taking out full garbage bags. Assign cleaning shifts if a roster system works better than individual responsibility.

First Impressions Matter

Customers subconsciously judge a company by its environment. Dirty carpets, cluttered lobbies or unorganized common spaces leave unfavorable opinions of unprofessionalism. Prioritizing cleanliness creates a welcoming atmosphere for clients.

To Summarize

Implementing and adhering to a regular cleaning schedule using a comprehensive checklist helps any office maintain the standards necessary for a hygienic, productive work environment. Designating simple tasks and ensuring accountability optimizes focus without distractions from mess. It also makes a favorable impression on visitors. Leadership that communicates the importance of cleanliness and recognizes efforts to comply fosters long-term habits that enhance workplace culture for the benefit of all.

Are you interested in hiring professional office cleaning services? Premium Maintenance Services Inc can help! We can clean your office space regularly and our services will make sure your work environment is shiny. Cleanliness is important for health reasons and your employees will feel happier when they arrive at work. Our commercial and janitorial services will also help you make a great impression on clients walking into your office. 

We serve clients in the Vaughan, Mississauga, Oakville and Burlington areas and you can contact us at any time to learn more about our office cleaning services!

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