Premium Maintenance Services Ltd. is here to provide cleaning and maintenance services for your property with a deep clean. Our property management cleaning services in Toronto and the GTA places a focus on properties like condominiums, hotels, apartment buildings, retirement homes etc. and their public spaces. We handle the cleaning of these properties which includes but is not limited to mopping floors, vacuuming carpets, cleaning bathrooms, washing windows and glass doors, steam cleaning, floor disinfecting, floor wax and many more. We customize our property management cleaning services specifically to cater to your property’s needs and requirements.

Who benefits from property maintenance?

Companies that own hotels, apartment buildings, and community buildings like residential care homes, family homes gain. These buildings usually have large spaces like recreation rooms, common areas, loading/moving rooms, hallways, elevators, garages and parking lots that require maintenance on a regular basis. Increasing and maintaining the occupancy of your building is usually the main goal in property maintenance and this usually begins right at the entrance of the building.

  • Premium Maintenance is here to relieve the stress that comes with maintaining a building so your focus as a property manager can be put somewhere else.
  • With property maintenance comes an increase in property value because all assets are kept in good condition.
  • We use preventive maintenance strategies where we perform regular inspections to keep note of the condition of your facility and predictive maintenance strategies where we do a needs analysis using sensors and inspections to establish what services and when maintenance is needed. We create and tailor a maintenance schedule for your building’s specific needs.

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The Benefits of Hiring Us for your Property Management and Maintenance

At Premium Maintenance Services, we are:

  • Effective and Efficient – in the sense that we use fair contracts and proper procedures to ensure a flawless site maintenance.
  • Constant Communication – because we believe communication is our greatest asset and frequently use it with all our clients.
  • Reliable in Collections – because structured payment collection procedures for monthly fees ensures flexibility and dependability.
  • Current and Correct – we pride ourselves in staying up-to-date with new technologies and evolving best practices like our Portable Electrostatic Sprayer.

Property Maintenance Cleaning Checklist

– entrance, lobby glass and windows are cleaned of prints in the concierge level. – glass, doors and door frames are spot cleaned in the garage. – kitchen areas in hospitality room are cleaned and disinfected. – all swimming pool lounge/chaise are wiped down. – stairs to the change rooms are washed and disinfected. – showers, washroom fixtures, porcelain urinals and toilets are wiped down and disinfected. – tile floors are washed, spray buffed, waxed and refinished. – parking lots are cleaned and power washed -snow removal in the winter. Cleaning And Disinfecting Office Two people in protective workwear cleaning and disinfecting offices. covid cleaning stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images We provide Covid-19 Emergency cleaning if an outbreak were to occur at your property. When you don’t have the time or skill to maintain your property, having a good property maintenance company becomes necessary. This is because of the skills and training cleaning and maintenance of a company could entail.




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